The Brew Process

Trust the process, they say. But it helps if you know the process, right? Here’s my recipe for your success.

The Brew Process: Brewing Up Brilliant Results


  • After we’ve said howdy on a discovery call and determined we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a proposal for your project. And then we’re off!
  • You’ll get a welcome email with a new client questionnaire, a contract and an invitation to the project kickoff.
  • We’ll bring together stakeholders, discuss project goals, flesh out timelines and checkpoints, and set a schedule for future meetings.
  • I’ll send you a summary afterward so you know the who, what, when, where and why.


  • I dive into the weeds here for a bit, getting to know everything from your competitive landscape to your shoe size. (Not really — shoe size would be creepy.)
  • I use a broad array of tools including AI to surface your company background, consumer sentiment and existing market presence.
  • With input from you, I’ll round up your mission, vision and founder story; your Google Analytics; and your existing sales process.
  • I may even talk to your front line and/or your customers, depending on which package you choose.
  • You’ll have a mini market assessment when it’s all done.


  • This is when the ingredients of your unique brew take shape! No more training wheels — I’m writing.
  • If it’s a website audit, I turn my trained eye on every element of your website — reading every word; clicking every link; studying every image.
  • I evaluate a long list of factors in every audit: brand voice; search-engine optimization (SEO); consistency; user experience (UX); spelling, grammar and punctuation; graphic presentation; lackluster copy; missed opportunities. It’s a complex recipe in which the sum is much greater than its parts. 
  • If you choose, I’ll also create buyer personas and write a brand guide that you can use to brew up new copy going forward.
  • I can help you create fixed brand elements for plug-and-play ease.
  • I can even add some SEO heft directly to your mix via your CMS and write a round of copy to close those gaps.


  • It’s time to sample the sweet results of this brewing process. We’ll all reconvene to discuss steps and recommendations and identify metrics to track so we can see the fruits of our labor.
  • You’ll receive your six-pack of deliverables and a handy-dandy summary.
  • And you’ll have the chance to ask questions and provide feedback once you’ve taken your new site for a spin.

Tech Stack Short List

I use a long list of tech tools to make the magic happen. Here are a few highlights:


I’ll set up a Trello board for your project where you can easily see the project status between check-ins.

Generative AI

Using tools such as Chat GPT, I can easily gather a significant amount of data about your organization and what people are saying online.

Keywords Everywhere

This SEO tool allows me to identify the actual words and phrases that people are using to search for the information, product or service that you provide. I can pinpoint the primary keywords and phrases that you should use, as well as see how your competitors are talking about their information, product or service.


Thanks to this handy transcription app, I can capture actual language from stakeholders and targets to ensure authenticity and credibility with your audience.


I can help you help yourself going forward with short videos in which I teach you how to maintain the systems I set up for you.