How many things can I take off of your to-do list?

You have orders to fill, meetings to hold, ads to place, mountains to climb.

Who has time to make sure your site is aligned? 

I do.

Outta Sight Website Content Analysis

Is your website doing its job? Or has it exceeded its best-by date? Web copy goes stale faster than last summer’s light beer lurking behind the mayonnaise. And it’s hard to see the hiccups through the hazy lens of familiarity. 

Never fear! I’ll review your entire website, word by word and link by link, optimizing the pages and ensuring the content is meeting your objectives. 

✔ Feel confident that your messaging is consistent, on-brand and sophisticated enough to build credibility and community and drive acquisition. 

✔ Quit worrying about what you’ve missed. I’ll also help you identify and fill in the gaps, with a point-by-point content plan.

✔ Rest easy knowing that your site is so fresh and so clean — I even spot typos! (I’ve spent years as an editor.)

With a comprehensive website audit, you’ll have the capacity for your day-to-day and know that your site is set.

You know how you feel when you unload the gear and sit down with a beer after a day of massive adventures? That’s what this is.

Ways You’ll Benefit

  • Overcome objections with a site that answers questions and provides an optimal user experience.
  • Generate loyalty and engagement with content that connects with your audience. 
  • Gain traction with content that’s optimized for search (SEO).
  • Banish bounce when links are checked and corrected.
  • Feel confident that your website is well-branded, consistent and meeting objectives.
  • Boost your professionalism, thanks to content that is edited for grammar and clarity.
  • Enjoy a compelling reason for fresh media and industry attention with a relaunch.
  • Pitch brand partnership opportunities with a unique story and strong identity.
  • Keep up with ever-changing needs for fresh, up-to-date content.
  • Discover what’s missing! I evaluate what’s there, as well as what’s not, offering a content gap analysis.

Six-Pack of Deliverables

Each of the packages below comes with:

  • Research Summary
  • Content Style Guide (to pair with existing brand guide)
  • Existing Content Index
  • Recommended Site Map
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Guide to Content Repurposing

The Session Ale

Website Analysis and Reorganization

Even if you aspire to the dirtbag lifestyle, you really don’t want your website to look scruffy and unkempt. It’s hard to keep up the spit-polish when you’ve been churning out content for a few years. Let me give it a good once-over and provide some solid advice to tune your gear so it performs at its peak.


  • Meet with stakeholders to discuss priorities, needs, resources and goals.
  • Establish key contacts for project research and execution.
  • Set a timeline, checkpoints and deliverables.


  • Conduct an overview of the online sentiment.
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of existing content and create a plan to: 
    • identify opportunities for repurposing content
    • optimize for search (SEO)
    • create graphic representations for use on the site and in social media
    • extend the brand voice through existing content
    • fill in content gaps


  • Deliver a new site map to reorganize the content for a smoother visitor user experience (UX).
  • Deliver the recommendations from the comprehensive audit in an actionable plan.


  • Engage in a project assessment.
  • Establish checkpoints for future measurements of results.

Starting at $1,900

The Trusty Lager

Website Analysis, Reorganization and Optimization

Your site execution is like taking out the SUP on a windy day — kinda choppy. But with this package it’ll be smooth sailing. I’ll not only identify the rough edges, but also help you smooth them out. Enjoy fresh rewrites where SEO and brand are lacking, and crisp new copy to close the gaps.

All of the Above Plus

  • Punch up existing content for SEO and brand voice up to 20 pages.
  • Fill in content gaps up to five pages.

Starting at $4,100

The Hearty Stout 

Website Analysis, Reorganization and Optimization plus Brand Positioning

If you’d like to hand it off and have it done, this is the package. It’s ideal for companies who’ve had to cobble their site together while wearing all the trucker hats. Take the site work so much further — I’ll punch up and optimize as many as 20 existing pages, and produce five new pages to fill in the gaps. You’ll also get a brand guide that makes moving forward as smooth as a mountain of fresh powder.

All of the Above Plus

  • Create a clear brand voice and ensuing brand guide. 

Starting at $6,900

A New Batch

The One-Year Review

Hit your best-by date? A year is a long time in the life of a website. At the one-year mark of your website audit, I can conduct a review to look at what’s new.

Because we’ve worked together before, the pricing on this one is customized for you.

Sip a Sample

Your Home Page Re-Engaged

If you’d rather start small, begin with the page that has a big impact. Grab ‘em hook, line and sinker! Test-drive my skills with an analysis of your home page. We begin with a conversation; I complete an assessment and provide written recommendations; and we talk again. Put your best foot forward with this valuable first step! 


How does this all happen? It’s a complex recipe brewed especially for you.