Travel Writing

Travel Writing

spa_thumbWine Away at Villa Europa’s Spa Do Vinho in Brazil
published in The Chicago Sun-Times

It wasn’t the cushioned wooden lounge chair, the thick robe, the citrus-infused water or the soaking pool looking out on the rolling green countryside that truly spoke of relaxation.

No, it was only when I discovered that all of the magazines were in Portuguese that I finally shut off my head and indulged in the unique sensory experiences offered by a French spa in the heart of Italian wine country in Southern Brazil.

Find Work-Life Balance in an RV

An RV workspace lets you chase adventure every day.

It’s how you clock and roll.

Does your lifestyle include clocking into meetings while checking out the world? Consider these clever ways to turn your motorhome into a home office or even a classroom. There are many ways to get the work done, even if you hate to sit still.

Land of Drinkin’
published in the Chicago Sun-Times

You have two more reasons to drive and drink (note the order!) this summer.

Two new wine trails have taken root in Illinois, offering a frugal and fruitful alternative to pricier getaways. Hit the highway and head south, and you can make a weekend of sampling from a cluster of these finer wineries, with scenic stops helpfully noted along the way. It’s a Napa-like experience on a Two-Buck Chuck budget.

Life, Death and Candied Apples in Malaga
published in Everywhere Magazine

I think it was the blare of the horns that woke me first, but it was the heartbeat that kept me awake.

The Semana Santa processions began on Palm Sunday, the day we arrived in Malaga, a port city on the Costa del Sol of Spain.

My daughter and I had read much about this series of Holy Week spectacles before our trip. But nothing prepared us for our first, a parade that somehow seemed solemn, reverent, celebratory and a bit gruesome all at once. No Trip Advisor forum can quite compare.

Beautiful Barcelona
published in Fort Wayne Living

I was just waiting for the magic to kick in.

The traffic whizzed by as I balanced my luggage in the center island of a busy Barcelona street. I struggled to remain upright against the waves of passing people and strained to read the pretty but tiny street signs posted discretely on the sides of buildings.

Price of Rocky Mountain High Is Low
published in The Journal Gazette

Usually at this point on the lift, I have to shift my skis, grip my poles and brace myself to get off and get out of the way before the next gondola chair comes along and plants me in the snow.

But today, the sun is shining and most of the snow is gone. Our family is one of just a few riding to the top at Keystone, so gondola operators are happy to slow it down. It’s easy to hop off onto dry land in the clear, crisp air at what feels like the top of the world.

Don’t Let Myths Mar Magic of Mouse’s House
published in The (Fort Wayne) News-Sentinel

A visit to Orlando’s kid mecca has nearly become a rite of passage. Little pals at my daughter’s school and all over Fort Wayne bond over stories of screams on Space Mountain, squeals in Cinderella’s Castle, and other adventures with Mickey and the gang at the Magic Kingdom.

Parents share similar stories – only theirs involve the screams of exhausted children standing in yet another line, or squeals of protest from little ones who really, really, really need just one more sweet treat – pretty pleeeeeeeease.

Tweeds and TeasTweeds and Teas at The Gray Goose Inn
published in Fort Wayne Magazine

The Gray Goose Inn is at the end of a surprisingly short driveway off Indian Boundary Road, a busy thoroughfare in Chesterton lined with fast food joints, discount hair cutters and gas stations.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Airstream

Maybe you’ve heard the popular saying — you should try to buy your third RV first. And it’s usually accompanied by recommendations from someone who now owns their third RV.

That’s because it’s often a process of trial and error to determine the size and style of travel trailer that you’ll truly want and need for the type of travel you want to do. But you don’t have to invest in two RVs before you find your one true love. There are some things to consider before buying an RV that could help save you at least one extra trip to the dealer.

coast_thumbThe Coast in the Middle
published in Everywhere Magazine

Chicago may be urban, Midwestern, hardworking. But it’s not often celebrated for its lighter side on the east: a sparkling lake sprinkled with sailboats. Though when you think about it, sailing here makes perfect sense. We are the Windy City, after all.

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