U2’s Past Fire Just Embers On “All You Can’t Leave Behind”
published by The News-Sentinel

I flipped on my car radio a few weeks ago and heard it – that distinctive echoing, melodic guitar that could only be U2’s The Edge. It was a “Beautiful Day” indeed when I learned the Irish rock/advocacy group was bestowing upon fans its 10th album.


Matthews Makes Acoustic Magic
published by The News-Sentinel

This is Dave Matthews at his mellow, candles-lit, beer-glass-in-hand, feet-on-the-table best.


Everything Old Is Almost New Again On DMB’s Latest Live Album
published by The News-Sentinel

He was wearing orange hunting socks when I first saw Dave Matthews perform live. And his concert with Tim Reynolds at DePauw University last year was just as colorful, vibrating with incredible energy and emotion.

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