Everything Old Is Almost New Again On DMB’s Latest Live Album

Everything Old Is Almost New Again On DMB’s Latest Live Album

published in The News-Sentinel

He was wearing orange hunting socks when I first saw Dave Matthews perform live. And his concert with Tim Reynolds at DePauw University last year was just as colorful, vibrating with incredible energy and emotion.

The Dave Matthews Band is known for knock-your-socks-off live shows. Strings of songs roll into one another, recalling the album concept and submerging the listener in one truly sweet world.

Matthews obviously recognizes this strength, releasing “Live at Red Rocks” in 1995, “Live at Luther College” (with Tim Reynolds) in January 1999, and now “Listener Supported,” recorded last summer in East Rutherford, N.J., for a PBS special.

“Listener Supported” is another glowing example of the DMB’s musical finesse. Favorites such as “Warehouse” and “All Along the Watchtower” spotlight each musician’s ability to break out with an instrumental jam that breathes new life into the song, then slide seamlessly back into the groove.

If your only experience with the DMB has been a flat radio edit, prepare to be blown away. It’s great stuff.

But it’s not new stuff. The only new tunes, “True Reflections” and a remake of the country tune “Long Black Veil,” are a departure from the signature jazzy-bluesy sound that made the band famous – not bad, but not what fans are hungry for.

A disc of new Matthews songs is reportedly skedded to be served up later this year – the first new release since 1998’s “Before These Crowded Streets.” I’ll save my pennies for that and a ticket to this summer’s concert at Deer Creek.