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Why Men Should Practice Yoga
published on MuvTraining.com

It has the reputation of being for women only. You can find plenty of water bottles and mats with flowers and butterflies. There are fashion lines devoted entirely to women’s yoga clothing.


Fit in the Fort Package
published in Fort Wayne Magazine

Fit in the Fort
Weight loss is simply a matter of numbers – you must burn more calories than you consume. Nutritional considerations aside, it makes no difference whether those calories come from a diet of tofu, bacon cheeseburgers, or grapefruit eaten while balancing on one leg and humming Barry Manilow tunes.

Phat Fitness Fashion
You are so pumped. You’re ready to feel the burn, hit the gym, pump that iron. You want to shed the weight and look great. But while you’re at it, you want to look … well, great. So what to wear? Keep in mind these basic considerations:


The First Step: Dynamic Stretching
published on MuvTraining.com

Dynamic stretching sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? Even if it seems to be a bit of an oxymoron. We’re familiar with stretching as a slow, careful activity, something to get you ready for the action—not an active thing itself.


Is Carbonated Water Bad?
published on HarborSquare.com

By now you know that soda—even diet soda—is not a part of a healthy diet. Regular soda is loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. The calories are empty—meaning they’re devoid of vitamins and minerals. And those calories add up; many studies link regular soda consumption with obesity.


Running in Fort Wayne Now
published on MaxFitness.com

Some say they would never run unless they’re being chased. I long counted myself a part of this crowd—I am more often running errand than races—until I hit a plateau: My trusty elliptical workouts weren’t cutting it, and I needed a cardio challenge.


A Step in the Right Direction
published in Fort Wayne Magazine

In the years I’ve been working out, I’ve heard many reasons why people don’t, most excuses as lame as a running back with a torn ACL: “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the money.” “I don’t like to sweat.” “My cats need me at home at night.” “Who needs to exercise – look at these quads!”


More Bang for Your Chuck
published in Fort Wayne Magazine

On July 4, the entire nation will celebrate the freedom to gorge on warm beer, potentially poisonous pasta salad, artery-choking brats and brownies as big as our heads until the fireworks in the sky are equaled only by the fire in our chests as heartburn and regret bring justice for all.


The Importance of Beauty Sleep
published on AspirePlasticSurgery.com

We all tend to get busier during back-to-school time, whether we have children in school or not. It seems to be a mindset—fall is the time to return to a schedule, to get busy, to tackle new projects. The lazy days of summer are over.


When Decadence Makes Sense
published in Fort Wayne Magazine

Just go have an elephant ear already.

It’s festival season in Fort Wayne, and I know you’ve heard 100 stories about fattening food and healthier options. But at the risk of losing my gig as the In Shape columnist, I’m telling you to eat an elephant ear, a deep-fried Snickers, a chili dog or whatever really, really, sends you.


Your Own Best Drill Sergeant
published in Fort Wayne Magazine

Tantalizing, isn’t it? Just imagine:

  • a 3 to 5 percent reduction in body fat
  • a 5- to 12-pound weight loss
  • a 1- to 3-inch decrease in your midsection
  • a 25 percent improvement in endurance and strength

I’ve clicked on Internet ads that promised less.


MUV Strength eBookMUV Strength E-Book
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Rock-Star Flu Fighters
published in the Chicago Sun-Times

The person in front of you at the ATM just managed to sneeze all over her hands and every button on the machine. The man behind you on the train has coughed since he got on at Grand. You can almost feel the vicious little molecules creeping into your head and throat. It’s beginning to look a lot like cold and flu season.

But a 10-day relationship with a box of tissues is not inevitable. Instead, arm your immune system with a red pepper.

That’s right: Red is the new orange.

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