Why Men Should Practice Yoga

Why Men Should Practice Yoga

published at MuvTraining.com

You can find plenty of water bottles and mats with flowers and butterflies. There are fashion lines devoted entirely to women’s yoga clothing.

But you don’t have to don purple stretchy pants to reap the benefits of yoga. In fact, there are plenty of tough guys who practice the ancient art. Are you going to be the one to tell Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James or the New York Giants that real men don’t do yoga?

There are plenty of reasons why men should practice yoga. Many of the benefits are the same for men and women, but men often don’t focus on these areas of their physical fitness.

Relax tight hip flexors and ankles. Tennis, anyone? Men who play sports requiring lateral moves such as tennis, soccer and basketball will enjoy better range of movement and a reduced risk of tear or strain with the more flexible hip flexors and ankles that yoga can offer.

Ease lower back pain. So you spent the weekend shoveling snow, raking leaves or building a treehouse? Men with lower back issues can find relief in the long, slow stretches offered by restorative yoga.

Develop a stronger core. A stronger core makes you better at just about everything. This is where your power comes from, men, and practicing yoga can help you build it. Think about swinging a baseball bat or a golf club. That doesn’t happen with your biceps.

Build muscle strength. Of course, men who practice yoga will build their biceps. And their triceps, and their glutes… In fact, yoga builds whole body strength. Think about bench-pressing your weight. Now think about a pose in which you’re supporting your body weight…and holding it. Get the idea?

Improve focus. Athletes who practice yoga describe the ability to tune into their breathing during competition, improving their focus and concentration. They also learn to center their energy and direct it toward their goal.

Detox. All those twists can help wring out toxins. In particular, men who practice power yoga can expect to sweat out every last drop of the junk they wolfed down while tailgating.

Increase stamina. There are many tiny muscles in your body that never get hit during a typical bi’s and tri’s workout or a leg day. But they’re important to supporting your major muscles, particularly when you’re working to fatigue or engaged in endurance activities. Men who practice yoga can draw upon a deep system of strength thanks to poses that develop those stabilizers.

Extend flexibility. You may not be able to twist yourself into a pretzel, and that’s ok. But men who practice yoga will find they can reach farther, turn better and stride longer…all very critical when you’re running toward the end zone and turning to snatch that long pass out of the sky before falling into touchdown territory.

Boost balance. You may not even realize how your balance has deteriorated since you were a kid, but it happens. Better balance can help when you’re careening down a hill on your bike and blaze around a corner only to find a mom with a stroller right in front of you on the trail.

Reduce injuries. This is a biggie. Men who practice yoga tend to move better. And as we know very well here at MüV Training, the way you move is key to the way you feel and the life you live. With yoga training, you learn the limits of your body, and you learn where you can safely expand them. Yoga training can help men be more active no matter what they choose to do.