Our Sunday Visitor Book Back Cover

Our Sunday Visitor Book Back Cover

A compelling crash course on the collision of culture and Christianity

“We pick up the story of the Church during the Roman Empire; specifically, during the reign of the unbalanced Emperor Nero …”

What follows is a vivid trip through history unlike any you’ve taken, populated by intriguing figures and incredible events. In her conversational yet brisk style, Dr. Diane Moczar paints a poignant and fascinating picture of the key periods in the Church’s development.

She takes you to Nero’s garden party, where the torches lighting the road were Christians set aflame. She describes how Plato’s ideals influenced Church thought. She introduces you to the heroes and villains who forever changed Christianity.

It’s historical context with powerful parallels for today.

The stories of Christianity’s infancy gain new potency when viewed from the perspective of current events. Dr. Moczar poses challenging questions: How would we react if faced with persecution like the early followers … or like those in China and the Sudan today? How do medicine, law and other modern-day professions call for decisions that could endanger our faith?

Dr. Moczar condenses extensive research and expertise into an informative yet entertaining read. Her tantalizing overview is complemented by suggested resources for the curious student who wants to know more. Don’t Know Much About Catholic History takes readers to the heart of the issues and asks us to look within our own hearts as we continue to create the history of our faith.