Catalyst Marketing Design Holly Nog Case Study Video Copy

Holly Nog Case Study Video Copy

Introducing the Holly Nog Story.

A jolly tale about how creativity and blazing speed took the beverage market by storm.

‘Twas just months before Christmas at the Catalyst workshop.

When Beach Beverages visited, bearing a tasty egg nog flavored wine drink.

The treat impressed the Catalyst elves.

But it had no name! No label! And Christmas was coming…

Catalyst sprang into action.

We spun ideas like silver tinsel, sharp and bright.

We crafted a hip, retro package as fun as the drink itself.

We drafted clever names and chose Holly Nog as the cream of the crop.

We designed a label and cases—colorful cubes that stopped happy holiday shoppers in their tracks.

Catalyst even wrapped up a shiny new sell sheet, a Facebook page and a Holly Nog website.

Beach Beverages was delighted!

What joy, they said—placement in 2,500 stores in 12 states.

Holly Nog was the third-best-selling bottled spiked egg nog in the country in its first year!

We’re making our list and checking it twice: Holly Nog is now available in ALL 50 STATES.

We’ve been very good!

Though the glow of Christmas lights may have faded on that first year, our memories of success never have.

We’re always busy at the Catalyst workshop, building brands.

Using our deep strategic thinking, our traditional roots, our emergent media know-how and our killer creative.

Creative that works—it’s always in season. Cheers!