Caliente Earns ISO Certification in Quality Management Systems

Caliente Earns ISO Certification in Quality Management Systems

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—Caliente LLC, a manufacturer of heating, cooling and control systems, has earned International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification 9001:2008 in quality management systems.

The company, which specializes in engineered thermal systems including heater pads, PTC blower heaters, thermoelectric coolers and heat pipe heat exchangers as well as specialty printed circuits, began the ISO effort in February 2009 with the goal of instilling better disciplines and communications within Caliente, says President Mike Kelly.

“We went into the process with the mindset that it would drive value at Caliente, which would drive value to our customers,” Kelly says. “We didn’t do it just to have the mark. We did it to make ourselves better, smarter and faster in all we do for the companies we partner with.”

Caliente is known for its responsiveness—a lead time of just three to four weeks is typical; its innovative designs; and its strong customer and vendor relationships. “I expect ISO certification to result in even better response time, higher yields and peace of mind for our customers,” Kelly says.

Calienté is an international company geographically positioned in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company designs and manufactures thermal systems and related controls with a focus on outdoor enclosures, medical equipment and military hardware. Since its founding in January 2001, Caliente has been committed to offering high quality, cost-effective products with exceptional service and delivery. See