Phat Fitness Fashion

Phat Fitness Fashion

published in Fort Wayne Magazine

You are so pumped. You’re ready to feel the burn, hit the gym, pump that iron. You want to shed the weight and look great. But while you’re at it, you want to look … well, great. So what to wear? Keep in mind these basic considerations:



Comfort rules above all else. You need to be able to move. A lot. You want to be able to run, jump, shake, skate, shoot and kick without your clothing pinching, binding, slipping, drooping, dropping or tearing. Save the ultra baggy T-shirts for home – they’ll get caught on something (and they don’t do much to make you feel svelte). Exercise tops with crisscrossed backs stay in place better than strappy shirts. The adidas Sport Top offers a snug fit and support in a racerback step-in/pullover design. Champion makes a Jogbra offering a snug fit and support in a racerback step-in/pullover design. Bottom line: You’ll already feel self-conscious about your new activity; you don’t need to feel awkward in your clothes.



Cover your toes! Good shoes are a must – drop a weight plate on your bare piggies and you won’t be lifting much but your crutches. Choose quality kicks that offer the cushioning and support needed for your particular sport. (Ideally, you’ll be wearing them often.) Like to pound away on the treadmill? Nike Shox NS shoes feature four high-tech springy columns in the heel and midsole and a breathable mesh upper to keep a true bounce in your step.

Line up any sport-specific equipment in advance: helmet, kneepads, braces, shinguards and the like. Going to be outdoors? Wear the ultimate accessory: sunscreen. Coppertone and others make sport varieties designed to stay put when you sweat.

Your Activity

Running outside in the cold requires much different gear than doing laps at the pool. If you do hit the road year-round, think layers. Those nearest the skin should allow heat and sweat to dissipate: wool, polypropylene or some synthetic material designed to wick moisture away from your skin.

The men’s Under Armour Heat Gear full T-shirt has expanding microfibers to hold moisture. Or feel like a pro with the NFL Equipment Color Blocked Hot tee, sporting a sleek fit and no irritating side or shoulder seams. For maximum flash, put on and rip off the adidas Big Time Magnetic tearaway pant. Magnetic closures run down the length of the legs, so as you heat up, you can peel and play.

And don’t forget a sock hat; most body heat is lost through the scalp.

Fitness Level

Beginners might feel less conspicuous in traditional shorts and T-shirts. Avoid wearing the stained tank you mowed the yard in last summer, especially if you’re heading to the gym. Motivation is as much social as it is personal, and it’s easier to feel the part if you dress for the part.

Once you’ve sculpted – or at least whittled – reward your efforts with a few pieces of hot fitness fashion. For women, an adjustable bra top is just the ticket for showing off those now-enviable abs, while a plush hooded warmup suit keeps the chill away. For men, a fitted sleeveless tee displays nicely cut arms.