If you’ve misspelled the word “professional” on the awning outside your building, then it’s unlikely customers are going to have faith in your “Professional Dry Cleaning Services.” Getting it right matters. And with extensive editing experience, I know how to make it right. “Who” vs. “whom”? No sweat. Knowing that the question mark goes outside the quotation marks in that example? Years of practice. I can use the Associated Press Stylebook or the Chicago Manual of Style, or I can write a style guide specific to your organization. I like red pens. Proofing and editing clients have included:

Stevens Editorial, Florida
edited copy for a variety of magazines

Catalyst Marketing Design, Fort Wayne, IN
edited (and wrote) a range of brochures and other print materials

Asher Agency, Fort Wayne, IN
edited and proofed brochures, print ads, media releases, websites and magazines for a diverse set of clients

Aspire Plastic Surgery, Fort Wayne, IN
proofed (and wrote) copy for the website and all marketing materials

ARo/Aronia Drinks, Fort Wayne, IN
proofed copy for the website and marketing materials

Canterbury School, Fort Wayne, IN
wrote a style manual and edited (and wrote) materials produced by the school and its teachers

Our Sunday Visitor, Huntington, IN
edited and proofed scholarly books, novels, educational series, brochures, marketing copy and the weekly newspaper

LoSasso Advertising, Chicago, IL
proofed brochures for industrial manufacturing clients

Divorce 360, Florida/Texas
condensed each state’s divorce statutes into FAQs for a divorce website

Bert Pedigo, Indianapolis, IN
edited a self-published young adult novel

Chad Murphy/DRT Consulting, Fort Wayne, IN
edited brochure copy for bicycling clients

Marcia Crawford, Fort Wayne, IN
edited a self-published book on nutrition for young adults

Heather Case, Fort Wayne, IN
edited a self-published young adult novel

J.H. Specialty, Fort Wayne, IN
proofed advertising copy

Vicki Adang, Freelance editor
“Julianne is a superb editor who has all the qualities you’d want in a freelance editor; she’s thorough, skeptical, professional, knowledgeable, and timely at meeting deadlines. If I needed an editor, I’d hire Julianne; she’s that good!”

Steve Stevens, Stevens Editorial
“Whenever I need a copy editor, Julianne is my first call. She is a fantastic AP style line editor, but I also rely on her to highlight subtler content problems; she often weeds out structural issues in feature material; routinely clarifies and fixes problems with writer voice; and consistently improves on headlines and decks. And always with a smile. I can’t recommend her strongly enough.”

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