Whacked-out food. Fitness in your garage. Catholic saints. Amish bed and breakfasts. Marketing plans. Persuasive letters. The planes in Spain. As a professional writer, I’ve covered it all. And I can write for you, whether you need advertising copy or a feature story on the best summer resorts in Colorado. Feed my insatiable curiosity and tap my creativity with your writing assignment.

I also know what punctuation goes inside the quote marks, when to use “who” or “whom” and how to make a 1,500-word story fit a 900-word space. (I’ll put a snappy headline on it, too.) I can edit copy in Adobe Pro, Word or in an e-mail. I also have a supply of red pens. Name your deadline, and I’ll meet it.

As a social media consultant, I package all of these skills with my marketing experience to deliver strategy, setup and ongoing implementation for clients who know that their customers and colleagues expect them to communicate via social media tools but who are without the expertise or resources to do it on their own. I become their strategist and their voice—and I can be yours.

© Julianne Will 2016