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Other Marketing Services

Communications Audit
I’ve performed comprehensive communications audits for companies across industries, including a B2B manufacturing corporation, an automotive dealership and a credit union. My reviews are top to bottom, involving public-facing materials such as websites, print products, advertisements and signage, as well as internal documents including sell sheets and process manuals. I review every flier, every link and every document for consistency, branding message, tone and accuracy. In a communications analysis, I not only review what’s there, but I take it a step further and ask what should be there to meet the company’s communication needs. Out of that, I can also create the missing content and/or communications tools and channels, as well as a style guide to help companies maintain consistency and accuracy going forward.

Marketing Strategy
I have experience writing annual marketing strategic plans that incorporate every type of marketing communication, including:

  • press releases
  • systematic outreach to constituencies
  • sales materials
  • product sampling
  • product demonstration
  • video
  • website integration
  • social media
  • point-of-sale materials and product packaging
  • branded merchandise
  • trade shows and conventions
  • media relations (including national, regional, local and market-specific media lists with contact information)
  • industry awards
  • paid advertising (including print, broadcast, outdoor and nontraditional such as vehicle wraps)
  • contests
  • direct mail
  • event sponsorship

Content Optimized for Search
Producing great content is one thing; getting it found is another entirely. I’m adept at writing keyword-rich copy for SEO that sounds natural, engages the audience and provides valuable information. I’m also skilled at revising existing copy to include keywords and key phrases for search-engine optimization.

Resume Development
Putting your best foot forward is always easier when all of the words on your resume are spelled correctly. More than that, I can rewrite your resume and cover letter to bring your experience to life and target it toward your career goals. I can even format your resume to be clean, crisp and professional.

Headlines and Taglines
My newspaper headlines have won awards; this skill translates well into creating taglines, slogans and advertising copy:

  • ‘Sleepless’ will wake up videocassette market
  • Winter walks hazardous to one’s dignity, derriere
  • State brewers bubbling over gold-medal wins
  • Sentences constructed with cadence create prose pleasing to the ear
  • Making crime pay: Business is booming in corrections careers
  • Xplosion fans bursting with praise
  • Show brings dreams of things for spring: At garden and home show, weather-weary residents can take a trip through the tulips
  • Secondhand choke: Sharing the air with smokers can be deadly
  • Vine dining: Pumpkins break through the pie shell
  • Fetching tales: During summer’s dog days, embark on a hot new book that will leave you panting with anticipation (Inside) Doggone good books: Tired of the same old story? Put your paws on a new best-seller

I look forward to speaking with you about how these marketing services might benefit your organization.

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