My professional life has been defined by advancement and relationships. While working for previous employers, I was consistently promoted to greater responsibilities and, often, roles new to the company. When I left for new opportunities, I continued my working relationship with most of my employers, freelancing for former mentors and colleagues even today.

I’ve been a partner to a variety of clients–B2B, B2C, government, local and international. For some, I work at the 20,000-foot level; at times I handle the nitty-gritty in the trenches.

I’ve been published on topics as diverse as business, sports, religion, parenting, music, art and education. As an editor, I’ve revised business communications, scholarly books, thesis papers and more.

For my marketing clients, I’ve developed websites, business letters, ad copy, brochures and much more. Short and snappy, humorous, authoritative, explanatory… I can match or set the tone.┬áIn particular, I specialize in social media strategy and execution.

My turnaround time on all my work is relatively short, courtesy of many years spent on a daily deadline. Quality is never sacrificed, however. You can trust me to expand the capacity of your company quickly and effectively.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile to see the full progression of my career. Then email julianne@juliannewill.com to set up a tele-conference to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

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