My professional life has been defined by advancement and relationships. In nearly all of my previous positions, I was consistently promoted to greater responsibilities and to roles new to the company. When I decided to leave a position for new opportunities, my employers often would seek to continue our working relationship, and I frequently freelance for former mentors and colleagues even today.

Other items of note:

I’ve written print and online copy for industries as diverse as trucking, cemeteries, medical malpractice, commercial paint, wine, fitness, food and restaurants, travel, retail, banking, industrial technology, education, political campaigns, real estate, music, nonprofits, wealth management and more.

I’ve been published in major metropolitan daily newspapers and national magazines.

I’ve edited blogs, newspapers, books, magazines, websites, dissertations, dictionaries, resumes, newsletters, ads, brochures, textbooks and much more.

I’ve managed trade show booths; taught workshops; crafted and delivered presentations and sales pitches; edited websites; and secured a U.S. trademark without an attorney.

I earned the CELTA from Cambridge University to teach English as a second or foreign language and passed the Introductory Level of the Court of Master Sommeliers.

I’ve launched an e-commerce business.

I’ve traveled to Italy, Spain, France, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, the Bahamas, Jamaica, China, Norway and Uganda, as well as many cities across the U.S.

I’ve jumped out of an airplane, scaled mountains, crossed the Nile, walked the Great Wall and had a book published.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in three years with a full scholarship as a golf caddie.

I’ve volunteered extensively with children through schools, youth groups and Big Brothers Big Sisters, and I have a child of my own.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile to see the full progression of my career. Then email julianne@juliannewill.com to set up a teleconference to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

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